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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The world bookshelf cross stitch kit

It has been a while since I posted here. It has been very busy focusing on new designs as well as processing daily orders.

However, I have just finished designing a new and exciting fantasy design, the world bookshelf.

This is an extra large design measuring 100 x 69 cm or 39.4 x 27.1 inches
It is available in cross stitch kit with pre-wound threads on plastic card bobbins. We offer the option to select from various fabrics like 14 count aida, 16 count aida or 28 count evenweave.

The design is available at our website here: The world bookshelf cross stitch

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Abstract cat cross stitch kit

One of our customers, Gail Wilkie, sent us her photo of our design. She has done a brilliant job stitching  the diligence, an abstract cat by artist Dean Russo.

We have recently licensed Dean Russo's artwork and it is very popular. The diligence is available to purchase from our online shop and amazon shops (UK and USA). Kit includes: Pattern, fabric of your choice, needle and threads pre-wound in plastic card bobbins.

Available here: Diligence - abstract cat cross stitch kit

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Words in cross stitch kits

Yiota's XStitch has new designs in words.

These are shapes of Christmas decorations, animals and hearts made of words. Unusual and unique that are becoming very popular in the world of cross stitch.

All designs are available to purchase as cross stitch kits from our online shop here:
Words in cross stitch kits

Christmas and new year words tree cross stitch kit
Christmas word tree cross stitch kit

Christmas star word cross stitch kit

Family word tree cross stitch kit

Love heart words cross stitch kit

Penguin word cross stitch kit

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Butterfly girl cross stitch kit

Yiota's XStitch has a new design, the butterfly girl.

Butterfly girl from Yiota's XStitch
Butterfly girl from Yiota's XStitch

Butterfly girl is available in cross stitch kit. This is a large and advanced kit with whole stitches only. The size is 50 x 74 cm or 19.7 x 29.1 inches.  We offer a choice of fabric from 14 count aida to 16 count aida and 28 count evenweave.

Cross stitch kit includes threads pre-wound on plastic card bobbins (see photo below)

The pattern is in large A3 paper (4 pages) with large black and white symbols.

We ship worldwide and we offer free delivery to UK. To purchase the kit, please click on link below:
Butterfly girl cross stitch kit

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Abstract landscapes and scenery cross stitch kits

Yiota's XStitch has new cross stitch designs from the wonderful artist Karla Gerard. These are abstract and modern large cross stitch kits with whole/full stitches only and they include from 40 to 70 different colours. We also offer a choice of fabrics and colours.

Abstract cross stitch kits

All our kits include threads pre-wound in plastic card bobbins. 

Cross stitch kits
Cross stitch kits

Karla is a self-taught artist and she enjoys painting folk art and abstract because the styles are both simple and uncomplicated. She likes incorporating elements and ideas from many different inspirational sources and combine them into her paintings, whether they be from magazines, books, photos, nature, from a dream or from right off the top of her head. Her paintings seem to evolve as she goes along.

To see all of Karla's designs, please visit our website: Here

Monday, 20 April 2015

Butterfly heart cross stitch kit

I love butterflies and heart so I combined both into cross stitch!
This design is based on Olga Drozdova artwork and we have made it available in pink, purple, blue and green.

Cross stitch kit includes 14 count aida, pre-wound threads in card bobbins, large pattern with black and white symbols, instructions and needle. Everything you need to start stitching immediately.

To purchase the butterfly heart, visit our online website here

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Abstract dogs cross stitch kits

Abstract dogs in cross stitch
Abstract dogs in cross stitch

Yiota's XStitch is proud to present Dean Russo collection and his abstract dogs. 

Dean Russo Art Studio has a sincere dedication to animal rescue, and has participated in charity auctions, donations and fund-raising events to raise awareness and help out in the animal welfare community. Dean hopes to convey the care and devotion of animal-lovers of every kind, from dogs and cats to horses and beyond.

Dean Russo collections in cross stitch are large and advanced designs with 40 to 70 colours. There are not backstitch or half stitches, only whole/full stitches.

All our cross stitch kits include pre-wound threads in plastic card bobbins

Dean Russo collection can be found at our website here: Dean Russo cross stitch kits

Cross stitch kits with pre-wound threads on card bobbins
Cross stitch kits with pre-wound threads on card bobbins